Chip Repair


Dependable Tub and Sink Chip Repairs

At BSR of Hawaii, we know that accidents happen. Sometimes a porcelain sink gets chipped or a fiberglass tub becomes cracked when we least expect it:
  • A contractor drops a tool
  • A child plays with hard objects in the tub
  • A handheld shower attachment falls onto the surface
  • A curling iron is dropped on the edge of the sink
In these instances, your tub or sink wouldn't need to be completely refinished. Instead, you just need to hire us to repair the damaged area!

Stay on Budget With Fast Tub and Sink Repairs

A quick repair is perfect when you're on a tight budget and don't want to pay for a full refinishing. Although a repair is never the same as the original, we'll ensure that your repaired area is as close to the original color as possible. Trust us to make your tub or sink look beautiful once again.

Leaving your tub's metal exposed is a bad idea because it'll rust and cause holes. You also don't want to let water seep through the cracks.

Choose BSR of Hawaii for a fast tub repair. We can usually give you a FREE estimate right over the phone! Call 808-672-6764 now.
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on tub and sink chip repairs.

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