The BSR Process

Bathtub and shower refinishing

Unique Refinishing Process

At BSR of Hawaii, we have established the "BSR Process." No other company has it. It’s an ever-evolving process that years and years of experience have dictated and developed. Our process has been evolving since 1979 when we first began refinishing on the islands.

Hawaii, like all places, is unique to its location. Weather, temperatures, humidity, salt air, and more require methods and products that are specifically adapted to the area. Otherwise, the refinishing fails because the new surface won't properly adhere, or it will not wear to its maximum capability.

Over the years we have observed, experimented, and adjusted our process of refinishing to give you the best possible finished product that in-home bath refinishing will allow.

Use the Best Refinishing Products

Part of our system has dictated that we use a product called Glas-Tech 9000. It is a remarkable time-tested material that was developed specifically for bathtub and tiled wall finishing. It has proven to work on all other surfaces just as well.

The secret lies in the ability of the compounds to fuse themselves into the original surface through a molecular bonding action. The new finish becomes a permanent part of the old existing fixture, unlike bathtub liners, which can crack, trapping unsanitary water and creating a health hazard.

Remember, not all refinishing products and preparation are alike. Check all our competitors out, then come back to us. BSR really is the best.

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