Bathtub & Shower Refinishing

Bathtub and shower refinishing

Bathtub and Shower Refinishing Experts

Let BSR of Hawaii refinish your bathtub or shower today. We're able to refinish bathtubs and showers that are made of 
  • Porcelain
  • Fiberglass
  • Ceramic
  • Quartz
  • Marble
Refinishing is the most practical and cost-effective way to make your old bath look new again. Plus, scheduling your refinishing project is as easy as one phone call to BSR of Hawaii. After we provide you with same-day service, you'll be singing in the shower once again!

Receive FREE estimates on your bathtub and shower refinishing projects when you call us at 808-672-6764. Don't forget to ask about our senior, military, and property manager discounts! Trust in our 38 years of experience for great results.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Refinish Your Bathtub or Shower

  1. Appearance
  2. Convenience
  3. Practicality
  4. Health
  5. Savings
Bathtub and shower refinishing

Improve the Appearance of Your Tub or Shower

If you're embarrassed by your stained bathtub or shower, it's time to hire BSR of Hawaii to refinish it. Leave the mildew and scum behind. Refinishing your bathtub or shower will make it look like new once more, and your family members will be happy to take baths again.

In just a few hours your stained, chipped, and hard to clean bathroom fixtures will be transformed. Any negative impressions created by your old, unhealthy fixtures will be replaced with praise and delight from your guests.
Bathtub and shower refinishing

Enjoy the Convenience of a Refinished Bathtub

Installing a new bathtub is a huge hassle. When you consider the fact that you'll have to spend a whole week without being able to use your bathroom, in addition to dealing with all of the pounding, sawing, dust, and trampling in and out of the house, you'll realize you're better off refinishing your bathtub.
Bathtub and shower refinishing

Save Lots of Money by Refinishing

If you can't afford to replace your old tub or shower, you're better off refinishing it instead. Refinishing is the most affordable and efficient way to revitalize your bathroom, and you'll only be spending a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

Replacing your bathroom fixtures is costly because you have to pay for a new fixture on top of replacing anything that's damaged during the removal of your tub, including the wall, tile, wallboard, tile floor, sub-floor, pipes, and hardware.
FREE estimates 
 on bathtub and shower refinishing work.

Call 808-672-6764.
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