The web site is under renovation, please pardon us as I work on it.  Below, is basic information about us. Call us for your refinishing needs.  I don’t mind you checking out the rest but, for the best and most experienced, you have already found us – Aloha and have a great day.

We are BSR of Hawaii – Hawaii’s Bathtub Refinishing Company


Welcome.  I appreciate you visiting with us today.  The following will give you probably more information than you want to know.  But, thats ok because, I know you have several bath or kitchen refinishers out there to choose from.    Hopefully, the below will give you sufficient information about us.  If you need anything further please look through the entire web site or call me at (808) 927-1471 or Michael at (808)778-5380

PRODUCT. I searched for the best products in the market for the purpose of bathtub, porcelain, tile, fiberglass/cultured marble refinishing. I found it and use it. The products were tested and compared to all the other refinishing products used in the market today. Using standard ASTM chemical analysis, these tests were ran against acids, chemicals, and solvents. They were tested for gloss, flexibility, impact, immersion in detergents, spot or staining, weathering and falling sand abrasion. The results of these tests showed that my product is the best on the market today.

SYSTEM. Refinishing is not just the appearance of the surface product at the end of the job. It involves not only the way it looks, but its durability and maintainability upon completion. Having the correct and specific chemicals,for the job and there proper application in preparing and repairing the old bath is essential. Proper refinishing requires having the right system. I have that system.

EXPERIENCE. Bathtub and shower refinishing is not a new idea. The service has been around for over 40 years. I got into the business in 1979. Initially we bought a dealership rights for the service in Hawaii and went to the mainland for technical training in the field. If we were going to do it, we wanted to do it right. Over the years we have literally refinished thousands of baths right here in Hawaii. With my combined personal experience in the company and backed by national corporations, I have the best experience in the islands.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Upon starting up my own business I specified the type of company I wanted to run.  I wanted  “To own and operate a quality service business to the community of Hawaii, offering the finest bathroom refinishing service available. I promised myself to always  “go that extra mile” to do the best I can to maintain and improve the quality and kinds of service I could offer to my customers.” I take pride in my work. I know my customers work hard for their money, so I work hard for them. Always doing the best I can. I don’t mess up the home, I protect it, cleaning up after myself and walk away not only with a satisfied customer but, hopefully with a new friend as well.

RELIABILITY. Whether its a large project, such as a hotel or a housing project, or a single family home I start and finish my job on time. I am experienced in organizing and coordinating my work with other trades, hotel management, etc.

RESPECT. I respect my customers homes and property. I am equally respectful of the skill and workmanship of other trades. I always look after their interest by protecting their work, whether its the cleanliness of the housekeepers, the work of the tile setter, painters, carpet installers or any other trades.

RIGHT PRICES. Bath/shower refinishing costs less than 25% of replacement. Cost to replace a tub average is $2600.00 on the low end. Cost to refinish the tub $399.00. Compare our price to your own estimater for installing new.